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Welcome to NLP Magick. NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. To explain NLP in one sentence: NLP helps you optimize your brain processes (Neuro) through the use of language (Linguistic) to learn smart strategies (Programming). Normally, these smart NLP strategies are about problem solving, excellent communications and getting along well. Naturally, we do all of that in NLP Magick too. Nevertheless in NLP Magick a big we focus on the best NLP strategies for spiritual experiences.

Mind you, NLP Magick revolves around  spiritual experiences. One of the powerful features of NLP is that within NLP we skip explanations (unless we want to hypnotize people). So rather than telling you a story about what spirituality really is, we use NLP strategy elicitation to map, use and transfer many magickal techniques, rituals and pathways to actually spiritual experiences. In that respect we promise little and we achieve a lot.

NLP Magick training

The most obvious first step is to get acquainted with the NLP Magick site, especially the free report about feeling good and the free NLP Magick preparatory guide. We also provide NLP training of course, such as the Spiritual NLP Practitioner for people without certification, NLP Magick for NLP Practitioners and NLP Magick training for NLP Master Practitioners. Although everyone likes to dive into the NLP Magick rituals right away, we use a lot of NLP & hypnosis to generate the spiritual experiences. That is why a thorough training in NLP & hypnosis is needed to go all the way.

With NLP you map good and interesting human behaviors elegantly. In NLP Magick we map the best strategies for spirituality. These smart strategies for spiritual experiences come from many diverse spiritual sources including: yoga, meditation, magick, the Tao, the Kabbalah, tarot and so on. In NLP Magick we create NLP techniques and strategies from what is actually being done within these spiritual traditions, rather than copy blindly whatever they are doing. For that reason, you can combine NLP Magick with any faith whatsoever. Yes, even with atheism. NLP Magick revolves only about how your brain (neuro) can be used optimally by language and hypnosis (linguistic) to experience spirituality (Programming).